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Since several years, the protection of multimedia data is becoming very important. The protection of this multi-media data can be done with encryption or data hiding algorithms. To decrease the transmission time, the data compression is necessary. Since few years, a new problem is trying to combine in a single step, compression, encryption and data hiding.(More)
In the last 10 years, there has been increasing interest in interval valued data in signal processing. According to the conventional view, an interval value supposedly reflects the variability of the observation process. Generally, the considered variability is associated with either random noise or the uncertainty that underlies the observation process. In(More)
This article presents a new algebraic method for reconstructing emission tomography images. This approach is mostly an interval extension of the conventional SIRT algorithm. One of the main characteristic of our approach is that the reconstructed activity associated with each pixel of the reconstructed image is an interval whose length can be considered as(More)
In this paper, we propose granularity as a new index to characterize the non-specificity of a summative kernel. This index is 7 intended to reflect the behavior of a kernel in the usual signal processing applications. We show, in different experiments, that two kernels having the same granularity have very similar behavior. This granularity-based adaptation(More)
The Hough transform is a popular method for detecting complex forms in digital images. However, the technique is not very robust since several parameters that determine the scope of the detection results, such as quantization thresholds and intervals, must "rst be de"ned. In the present paper, we propose to enhance shape detection with the Hough transform(More)