Olivier Strauss

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Since several years, the protection of multimedia data is becoming very important. The protection of this multimedia data can be done with encryption or data hiding algorithms. To decrease the transmission time, the data compression is necessary. Since few years, a new problem is trying to combine in a single step, compression, encryption and data hiding.(More)
The probability density function is a fundamental concept in statistics. Specifying the density function f of a random variable X on Ω gives a natural description of the distribution of X on the universe Ω. When it cannot be specified, an estimate of this density may be performed by using a sample of n observations independent and identically distributed(More)
The Hough transform is a popular method for detecting complex forms in digital images. However, the technique is not very robust since several parameters that determine the scope of the detection results, such as quantization thresholds and intervals, must "rst be de"ned. In the present paper, we propose to enhance shape detection with the Hough transform(More)
A classic approach to obtain High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI) consists in combining multiple images of the same scene with varying exposures. However, if the scene is not static during the time of capture, moving objects will appear blurry and ghosted, i.e. in multiple locations. Detecting and removing ghosting artifacts is an important issue for automatic(More)
Morphological tools can provide transformations suitable for real projective images, but the camera and objects to be analyzed have to be positioned in such a manner that a regular mesh on the objects projects a regular mesh on the image. A morphological modification of the image is thus the projection of an equivalent operation on the object. Otherwise,(More)
In the last 10 years, there has been increasing interest in interval valued data in signal processing. According to the conventional view, an interval value supposedly reflects the variability of the observation process. Generally, the considered variability is associated with either random noise or the uncertainty that underlies the observation process. In(More)
The quick response (QR) code was designed for storage information and high-speed reading applications. In this paper, we present a new rich QR code that has two storage levels and can be used for document authentication. This new rich QR code, named two-level QR code, has public and private storage levels. The public level is the same as the standard QR(More)