Olivier Sire

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Osmoprotectants exogenously supplied to a hyperosmotic culture medium are efficiently imported and amassed by stressed cells of Escherichia coli. In addition to their evident role in the recovery and maintenance of osmotic balance, these solutes should play an important role on the behavior of cellular macromolecules, for example in the process of protein(More)
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy was applied to the study of the differentiation process undergone by Proteus mirabilis. This bacterium exhibits a remarkable dimorphism, allowing the cells to migrate on a solid substratum in a concerted manner yielding characteristic ring patterns. We performed an in situ noninvasive analysis of biochemical events(More)
Exopolysaccharides (EPS) were extracted from a sponge, Celtodoryx girardae recently discovered in the Golfe du Morbihan in 2000. Sponge samples were collected monthly from November 2007 to May 2008. SEC analysis of EPS samples showed that they exhibit a unique molecular weight of approximately 800 kDa. However, infrared analysis revealed that structural(More)
Palmitate oxidation by liver mitochondria from rats treated with D-galactosamine (GalN) was markedly inhibited, 3 h after administration. The mitochondrial defect responsible for this inhibition was shown to be an inhibition of the activity of palmitoylcarnitine transferase I (EC Apparent Km of the enzyme remained unchanged whereas apparent V was(More)
Infrared fingerprints of molecules in biology contain much information on cells metabolism allowing one to distinguish between healthy and altered tissues. Here, to collect infrared signatures, we used evanescent wave spectroscopy based on an original infrared transmitting tapered glass fiber. A strict control of the fiber diameter in the tapered sensing(More)
It is getting increasingly evident that physical properties such as elastoviscoplastic properties of living materials are quite important for the process of tissue development, including regulation of genetic pathways. Measuring such properties in vivo is a complicated and challenging task. In this paper, we present an instrument, a scanning air puff(More)
Since it has been earlier reported that D-galactosamine induces an inhibition of palmitoylcarnitine transferase I and a depletion of mitochondrial phospholipids which were both prevented by clofibrate, an evaluation of the effects of these drugs on mitochondrial fatty acid composition was made. Galactosamine does not alter the fatty acid pattern of these(More)
In a single-dose crossover study Captopril (SQ 14225), 1 mg/kg body weight, and Nifedipine (Bay a 1040) 20 mg were administered orally to 12 hospitalized patients with essential hypertension (Stage 1 or 2, W. H. O.). Both drugs significantly reduced blood pressure, but each dose acted differently: the mean maximum arterial pressure reduction was faster and(More)
Following the analysis of the biochemical and functional properties of the P. mirabilis extra cellular matrix performed in the first part of this study, the viscoelasticity of an actively growing colony was investigated in relation to water activity. The results demonstrate that the P. mirabilis colony exhibits a marked viscoelastic character likely due to(More)
The dynamics of bacterial colonies is complex in nature because it correlates the behavior of numerous individual cells in space and time and is characterized by emergent properties such as virulence or antibiotics resistance. Because there is no clear-cut evidence that periodic swarming of P. mirabilis colonies is ruled by chemical triggers responsible for(More)