Olivier Simon

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Thirty-two hours (night-day-night) of polygraphic recordings were performed on 14 patients with a diagnosis of narcolepsy-cataplexy. Half of the patients stayed in bed during the day, whereas the other half were seated at a table. Patients were free to nap whenever they wanted to. Patients under continuous bedrest slept 2-3 times more during the day than(More)
Invasive Meningococcal Disease (IMD) is three fold more common in New Caledonia (NC) than in metropolitan France and many IMD cases (35.7 %) are due to Y and W135 serogroups. The purpose of our study was to identify IMD risk factors in NC. A retrospective study of all IMD cases that occurred in NC between 2005 and 2011 was conducted. Socio-environmental,(More)
—We are interested in high data rates internet access, by the mean of LTE based wireless networks. In the aim to improve performance of wireless networks, we propose an approach focused on the use of UE equipped by directional receiving antennas. Indeed, these antennas allow to mitigate the interference and to improve the link budget. Therefore, the Signal(More)
Seven patients with narcolepsy-cataplexy were continuously monitored during the day using polygraphy and videotape recording. The patients were free to do whatever they wanted while confined to a sitting-at-a-table situation. Daytime activity was evaluated by distinguishing between two polygraphically defined states, namely active wakefulness and quiet(More)
Polygraphic examinations were made during the day on 6 normal subjects. Simultaneous evaluation of EEG, EOG and EMG was carried out over 30 sec epochs. The data thus obtained were correlated with the various types of behaviour and activities during the day and then interpreted. Six conditions could be defined corresponding to different waking stages. The(More)
Open- and closed-eyed EEG records were made in frontal, temporal and occipital regions, in order to examine the time relationships between various of their characteristics, in connection with the appearance of subclinical seizure patterns. 1. In the range of alpha frequency, both with open and closed eyes, the standard deviation of frequency over all brain(More)
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