Olivier Saint-Jean

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OBJECTIVES To identify early markers of prolonged hospital stays in older people in acute hospitals. DESIGN A prospective, multicenter study. SETTING Nine hospitals in France. PARTICIPANTS One thousand three hundred six patients aged 75 and older were hospitalized through an emergency department (Sujet Agé Fragile: Evaluation et suivi (SAFEs)--Frail(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify independent risk factors of symptomatic deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in geriatric inpatients and to define high-risk patients likely to benefit from preventive treatment. DESIGN Hospital-based case-control multicenter study with prospective data collection. SETTINGS Geriatric university hospitals with long-, intermediate-, and(More)
BACKGROUND People suffering from dementia are particularly vulnerable to the gaps between the health and social service systems. Case management is a professional field that seeks to fill in these gaps and remedy this fragmentation. METHODS We report the results of a systematic literature review of the impact of case management programs on clinical(More)
To identify predictive factors for 2-year mortality in frail elderly patients after acute hospitalisation, and from these to derive and validate a Mortality Risk Index (MRI). A prospective cohort of elderly patients was set up in nine teaching hospitals. This cohort was randomly split up into a derivation cohort (DC) of 870 subjects and a validation cohort(More)
The effect of age on the peripheral nervous system was investigated by clinical examination and neurophysiological studies in 59 subjects aged 60–103 years and 23 young subjects. A full laboratory screen for factors which, though clinically silent, may constitute risk factors (RFs) for peripheral neuropathy was also performed in the elderly subjects. Our(More)
The preservation of autonomy and the ability of elderly to carry out the basic activities of daily living, beyond the therapeutic care of any pathologies, appears as one of the main objectives of care during hospitalization. To identify early clinical markers associated with the loss of independence in elderly people in short stay hospitals. Among the 1,306(More)
AIM The PRISMA-France pilot project is aimed at implementing an innovative case management type integration model in the 20th district of Paris. This paper apprehends the emergence of two polarized views regarding the progression of the model's spread in order to analyze the change management enacted during the process and its effects. METHOD A(More)
BACKGROUND Inappropriateness of hospital use occurs when a gap between the patient's needs and the level of care delivered exists. Taking into account the improvement of number of acute geriatric care, it appears relevant to study the rate and causes of inappropriate hospital use in this context. METHODS All patients in two services of acute geriatrics(More)
AIM To find out data of antibiotics efficiency and tolerance given subcutaneously (SC) to elderly. METHOD A literature review based on subcutaneous route of antibiotic has been done in PubMed and Cochrane Library. RESULTS Seventeen studies about ten antibiotics have been selected. According to HAS recommendations, methodology of these articles is poor:(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to identify factors predictive of nursing home admission (NHA) over a period of 1 year among elderly subjects with dementia. METHODS The study population was drawn from the SAFES cohort that was formed within a national research program into the recruitment of emergency departments in 9 teaching hospitals. Subjects(More)