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PURPOSE Wireless capsule endoscopy (WCE) is commonly used for noninvasive gastrointestinal tract evaluation, including the detection of mucosal polyps. A new embeddable method for polyp detection in wireless capsule endoscopic images was developed and tested. METHODS First, possible polyps within the image were extracted using geometric shape features.(More)
Wireless video capsules can now carry out gastroenterological examinations. The images make it possible to analyze some diseases during postexamination, but the gastroenterologist could make a direct diagnosis if the video capsule integrated vision algorithms. The first step toward in situ diagnosis is the implementation of 3-D imaging techniques in the(More)
This paper proposes and tests an approach for an unbiased study of radar waveforms' performances. Using the ultrawide band software defined radar prototype, the performances of Chirp and Multitones are compared in range profile and detection range. The architecture was implemented and has performances comparable to the state of the art in software defined(More)
The authors present the design of an intellectual property (IP) modeling the interface controller for an inter-integrated controller channel (I2C) bus. AMS IPs such as bus interfaces, whose behaviour follows the bus protocols in terms of packet structure, timing constraints or control modes can offer solutions for the issue of communications between a(More)
—Since few years, the gastroenterologic examinations could have been realised by wireless video capsules. Although the images make it possible to analyse some diseases, the diagnosis could be improved by the use of the 3D Imaging techniques implemented in the video capsule. The work presented here is related to Cyclope, an embedded active vision system that(More)
We introduce an empirical method for power consumption modeling of analog components at system level. The principal step of this method uses neural networks to approximate the mathematical curve of the power consumption as a function of the inputs and parameters of the analog component. For a node of a wireless sensors network, we found an average error of(More)