Olivier Riff

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In this article, we describe a module for the identification of brand logos from video data. A model for the visual appearance of each logo is generated from a small number of sample images using multidimensional histograms of scale-normalized chromatic Gaussian receptive fields. We compare several identification techniques based on multidimensional(More)
The characteristic (or intrinsic) scale of a local image pattern is the scale parameter at which the Laplacian provides a local maximum. Nearly every position in an image will exhibit a small number of such characteristic scales. Computing a vector of Gaussian derivatives (a Gaussian jet) at a characteristic scale provides a scale invariant feature vector(More)
Steerable video projection systems make it possible to use any convenient surface as a display. This paper describes a steerable projection system in which a projector and camera are mounted in an overhead motorized assembly with two degrees of freedom. Associating a remote camera to the video projector makes it possible to discover planar surfaces in the(More)
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