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Large scale distributed systems like Grid gather several characteristics making them difficult to study only from theoretical models and simulators. Most of Grid deployed at large scale are production platforms making them inappropriate research tools because of their limited reconfig-uration, control and monitoring capabilities. In this paper , we present(More)
In this article we present the design choices and the evaluation of a batch scheduler for large clusters, named OAR. This batch scheduler is based upon an original design that emphasizes on low software complexity by using high level tools. The global architecture is built upon the scripting language Perl and the relational database engine Mysql. The goal(More)
The question of energy savings has been a matter of concern since a long time in the mobile distributed systems and battery-constrained systems. However, for large-scale non-mobile distributed systems, which nowadays reach impressive sizes, the energy dimension (electrical consumption) just starts to be taken into account. In this paper, we present the(More)
Multiprocessors and high performance networks allow building CLUsters of MultiProcessors (CLUMPs). One distinctive feature over traditional parallel computers is their hybrid memory model (message passing between the nodes and shared memory inside the nodes). We evaluate the performance of a cluster of dual processor PCs connected by a Myrinet network for(More)