Olivier Regniers

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This study evaluates the potential of wavelet-based texture multivariate modeling for the detection of cultivated oyster fields and their differentiation from abandoned fields in Very High Resolution panchromatic PLEIADES data. The proposed models are tested in a supervised classification context using a training database composed of extracted image patches(More)
In this article, we develop a novel method for the detection of vineyard parcels in agricultural landscapes based on very high resolution (VHR) optical remote sensing images. Our objective is to perform texture-based image retrieval and supervised classification algorithms. To do that, the local textural and structural features inside each image are taken(More)
Spatial datasets of biophysical parameters at multiple scales can be important for the modeling of landsurface processes. In this study, we compared how decametric resolution and kilometric resolution LAI retrievals vary over a maritime pine dominated ecosystem in Southern France. Firstly, we used atmospherically corrected Landsat ETM+ and SPOT4 HRVIR(More)
This study evaluates the potential of wavelet-based texture modeling for the classification of stand age in a managed maritime pine forest using very high resolution satellite data. A cross-validation approach based on stand age reference data shows that multivariate modeling of the spatial dependence of wavelet coefficients outperforms the use of features(More)