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Decreasing the effects of horizontal gene transfer on bacterial phylogeny: the Escherichia coli case study.
Phylogenetic reconstructions of bacterial species from DNA sequences are hampered by the existence of horizontal gene transfer. One possible way to overcome the confounding influence of such movementExpand
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Mutator phenotype confers advantage in Escherichia coli chronic urinary tract infection pathogenesis.
It has been suggested that mutator phenotype could be associated with an increase in virulence, but to date experimental evidences are lacking. Epidemiological studies have revealed that urinaryExpand
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A new family of highly variable proteins in the Chlamydophila pneumoniae genome.
Chlamydiaceae are obligate intracellular bacterial pathogens characterized by a wide range of vertebrate host, tissue tropism and spectrum of diseases. To get insights into the biological mechanismsExpand
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