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2Judith Trapp
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SUMMARY Improving and ascertaining the quality of a multiple sequence alignment is a very challenging step in protein sequence analysis. This is particularly the case when dealing with sequences in the 'twilight zone', i.e. sharing < 30% identity. Here we describe INTERALIGN, a dedicated user-friendly alignment editor including a view of secondary(More)
Ovaries were taken from five sexually mature amphipods: Gammarus fossarum, Gammarus pulex, Gammarus roeseli, Hyallela azteca and Parhyale hawaiensis. The soluble proteome extracted from individual pair of ovaries from five biological replicates was trypsin digested and the resulting peptides were analyzed by high resolution tandem mass spectrometry. The(More)
Ovaries and embryos from sexually mature Gammarus fossarum were sampled at different stages of the reproductive cycle. The soluble proteome was extracted for five biological replicates and samples were subjected to trypsin digestion. The resulting peptides were analyzed by high resolution tandem mass spectrometry with a LTQ-Orbitrap XL instrument. The MS/MS(More)
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