Olivier Peyran

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CAD tools for special purpose architecture usually use conventional radix 2 number system to represent integers. However, DSP designer expertise shows that redundant number systems improve the delay of arithmetic operations. In this paper, we come to the conclusion that arithmetic operator outputs have to be redundant whereas inputs have not. Therefore, an(More)
— This paper is devoted to a low-complexity algorithm for retiming circuits without cycles, i.e., those whose network graph is a direct acyclic graph (DAG). On one hand, DAG's have a great practical importance, as shown by the on-line arithmetic circuits used as a target application in this paper. On the other hand, retiming is a costly design optimization(More)
This paper aims at addressing a particular aspect of multi-objective optimization problems in Electronic Design Automation (EDA). More specifically, we will present our study of the impact on quality and performance of evolutionary algorithms initial solutions. A new scheme for initial population generation is presented, which improves the quality and(More)