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 Mono- and sesquiterpenes are good markers for distinguishing conifer species one from another, and provenances of the same species. In the genus Cedrus, the identification of C. libani requires C. libani to be distinguished from the main provenances of C. atlantica; two provenances of C. libani were recognized. Consequently it was decided to look for(More)
Mutualism is a biological association for a mutual benefit between two different species. In this paper, firstly, we examine the history and signification of mutualism in relation to symbiosis. Then, we consider the link between concepts and models of mutualism. Models of mutualism depend on different concepts we use: If mutualism is situated at(More)
M. Sawicka, R. Grzywacz, I. Matea, H. Grawe, M. Pfützner, J. M. Daugas, M. Lewitowicz, D. L. Balabanski, F. Becker, G. Bélier, C. Bingham, C. Borcea, E. Bouchez, A. Buta, M. La Commara, E. Dragulescu, G. de France, G. Georgiev, J. Giovinazzo, M. Górska, F. Hammache, M. Hass, M. Hellström, F. Ibrahim, Z. Janas, H. Mach, P. Mayet, V. Méot, F. Negoita, G.(More)
The reduced transition probabilities B(E2;0(+) --> 2(+)(1)) of the neutron-rich (74)Zn and (70)Ni nuclei have been measured by Coulomb excitation in a (208)Pb target at intermediate energy. These nuclei have been produced at Grand Accélérateur National d'Ions Lourds via interactions of a 60A MeV (76)Ge beam with a Be target. The B(E2) value for (70)Ni(42)(More)
To analyse the origins of the appearance of the zoonite concept as a unit of segmentary organisation in zoology requires positioning oneself in the context of the first half of the nineteenth century, more specifically in the years 1826-1839. If the origins of the problem go back to Goethe, on the one hand, and to botanists such as de Candolle on the other,(More)
Neutron-rich, radioactive Zn isotopes were investigated at the Radioactive Ion Beam facility REX-ISOLDE (CERN) using low-energy Coulomb excitation. The energy of the 2(1)+ state in 78Zn could be firmly established and for the first time the 2+ --> 0(1)+ transition in 80Zn was observed at 1492(1) keV. B(E2,2(1)+ --> 0(1)+) values were extracted for(More)
The authors of models concerning cooperation found an interesting application point in mutualism and symbiosis. Phenomena which are to be found in symbiosis are integrated by the various models in relation to the 'Prisoner's Dilemma': 'cost-benefit' ratio components, signals, neighbourhood interaction or reciprocity. Reciprocal altruism is found in(More)
A decay spectroscopy study of the neutron-rich cobalt isotopes has been performed using fragmentation of a Kr beam and the new LISE2000 spectrometer at GANIL. For Co and Co, the β-delayed γ radiation has been observed for the first time, and the half-lives were found to be 79(5) ms and 41(4) ms, respectively. Features of the decay are discussed(More)
R. L. Lozeva,1,2,3,* G. S. Simpson,4,5 H. Grawe,6 G. Neyens,1 L. A. Atanasova,2 D. L. Balabanski,7,8,9 D. Bazzacco,10 F. Becker,6 P. Bednarczyk,6,11 G. Benzoni,12 N. Blasi,12 A. Blazhev,13 A. Bracco,12,14 C. Brandau,15 L. Cáceres,6,16 F. Camera,12,14 S. K. Chamoli,17 F. C. L. Crespi,12,14 J.-M. Daugas,18 P. Detistov,2 M. De Rydt,1 P. Doornenbal,6,13 C.(More)
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