Olivier Perrin

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We are interested in the functional convergence in distribution of the process of quadratic variations taken along a regular partition for a large class of Gaussian processes indexed by 0; 1], including the standard Wiener process as a particular case. This result is applied to the estimation of a time deformation that makes a non-stationary Gaussian(More)
Activity monitors based on accelerometry are used to predict the speed and energy cost of walking at 0% slope, but not at other inclinations. Parallel measurements of body accelerations and altitude variation were studied to determine whether walking speed prediction could be improved. Fourteen subjects walked twice along a 1.3km circuit with substantial(More)
For modelling non-stationary spatial random fields Z = {Z(x) : x ∈ Rn, n ≥ 2} a recent method has been proposed to deform bijectively the index space so that the spatial dispersion D(x, y) = var[Z(x) − Z(y)], (x, y) ∈ Rn × Rn, depends only on the Euclidean distance in the deformed space through a stationary and isotropic variogram γ. We prove uniqueness of(More)
Energy-efficiency is of paramount importance in modern battery-powered wireless communication devices in order to provide longer talk-time and autonomy. At the radio level, the power amplifier is a major contributor to the power consumption, especially with recent non-constant envelope modulations requiring stringent linearity. Another energy efficiency(More)
In this paper almost sure convergence and asymptotic normality of generalized quadratic variation are studied. The main result in this paper extend classical results from Baxter and Gladyshev so that they can be applied to fractional Gaussian processes. An application to the estimation of the true axes of a fractional Brownian sheet is also obtained. Résumé(More)
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