Olivier Passarrius

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UNLABELLED The diversity of notation systems for recording dental characteristics and the means used to display them makes comparisons and interdisciplinary collaboration difficult. OBJECTIVE The aim of the present study is to propose the use of a method employed by experts worldwide but which may be new to bioarchaeologists. Since 1971 we have used the(More)
The majority of dental carie studies over the course of historical period underline mainly the prevalence evolution, the role of carbohydrates consumption and the impact of access to dietary resources. The purpose of the present investigation was to compare population samples from two archaeological periods the Chacolithic and Middle Age taking into account(More)
Tooth wear is a natural phenomenon and a universal occurrence that has existed from the origin of humankind and depends on the way of life, especially diet. Tooth wear was very serious in ancient populations up to the medieval period. The aim of this paper is to present a global view of tooth wear in medieval times in Europe through different parameters:(More)
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