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A brain-computer interface (BCI) is a specific type of human-computer interface that enables direct communication between human and computer through decoding of brain activity. As such, event-related potentials like the P300 can be obtained with an oddball paradigm whose targets are selected by the user. This paper deals with methods to reduce the needed(More)
Recent brain machine interface (BMI) applications in humans [1] have shown the particular benefits of decoding of neural signals and of their use in motion control of artificial arms and hands for paralyzed people. Despite of the spectacular advances in the last decade on the kinematic control of reach and grasp movements, the dynamic control of these(More)
USAGE, an acronym for User Application Generator, is a facility which aids and enhances the development of complex user-interactive applications. It gives the applicatio n designer the possibility to define and implement an application as : • A Set of Semantic Routines. These represent the basi c modular functions of the application, they are generally(More)
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