Olivier P. Bertrand

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This paper investigates the impact of domestic and international acquisitions initiated by Russian firms on their operating performance. In general, acquisitions can be associated with synergy gains, internalisation advantages and higher market power. However, acquisitions may also give rise to agency problems as well as new integration and organisational(More)
This paper investigates the repercussion of M&A on the performance of target rms over the period 1993-2001. Based on French manufacturing rm-level data, we wonder how their pro t and their productive e ciency, measured by the total factor productivity (TFP), vary. We distinguish domestic M&A from cross-border operations. The growth of cross-border M&A was(More)
The spatiotemporal structure of wind-driven circulation patterns and associated water exchanges can drive important bio-hydrodynamic interactions in shallow lagoons. The Vaccarès lagoon system is a complex shallow hydrosystem located in the central part of the Rhône Delta (France). It is internationally recognized as part of a biosphere reserve within the(More)
Wild aquatic birds represent a natural reservoir of avian influenza viruses (AIV) that can be spread to poultry. AIV epizootics were associated with huge economic impacts during the last decades and are still of major concern. Within aquatic bird populations AIV are transmitted either by direct contact or through the ingestion of water that has been(More)
USAGE, an acronym for User Application Generator, is a facility which aids and enhances the development of complex user-interactive applications . It gives the applicatio n designer the possibility to define and implement an applica tion as : • A Set of Semantic Routines. These represent the basi c modular functions of the application, they are generally(More)
While cartels can be highly detrimental to society and create important economic and social costs for different stakeholders, the literature on organization studies has focused very little on cartels to date. In particular, we still do not know much about firms’ reasons for taking part in cartels. In this study, we build on the rational choice perspective(More)
This study examines the effects of economic integration on Greenfield Investments and cross-border Acquisitions locations. First, we present a simple theoretical three countries Insider – Outsider model framework highlighting differences between the two modes of entry. In a second part, we use panel data on U.S. FDI in NAFTA and MERCOSUR members from 1989(More)
Included in the series:* 2. The relation of educational plans to economic and social planning. Foreword The booklets in this series are written primarily for two types of clientele: those engaged in educational planning and administration, in developing as well as developed countries; and others, less specialised, such as senior government officials and(More)
• President/Chairman: Jacques DELORS • Membres/Members: Isao AMAGI, Roberto CARNEIRO, Fay CHUNG, Bronislaw GEREMEK, William GORHAM, Aleksandra KORNHAUSER, Michael MANLEY, In'am MUFTI, Marisela PADRON Quero, Marie-Angélique SAVANE, Karan SINGH, Rodolfo STAVENHAGEN, Myong Won SUHR, ZHOU Nanzhao Commission Internationale sur l’éducation pour le vingt et unième(More)