Olivier P. Bertrand

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1 Introduction It is now well established from lesion patient studies, neuroimaging studies, or animal and human electrophysiological studies, that any sensory or cognitive process involves a network of distributed neural structures. How do these different structures cooperate to allow the emergence of a percept, or more generally a coherent representation(More)
Wild aquatic birds represent a natural reservoir of avian influenza viruses (AIV) that can be spread to poultry. AIV epizootics were associated with huge economic impacts during the last decades and are still of major concern. Within aquatic bird populations AIV are transmitted either by direct contact or through the ingestion of water that has been(More)
The spatiotemporal structure of wind-driven circulation patterns and associated water exchanges can drive important bio-hydrodynamic interactions in shallow lagoons. The Vaccarès lagoon system is a complex shallow hydrosystem located in the central part of the Rhône Delta (France). It is internationally recognized as part of a biosphere reserve within the(More)
As opposed to slow waves, spontaneous and stimulus-induced oscillations in the gamma-band show no polarity reversal in cortical depth, which cannot be explained by the classical equivalent current dipole model usually proposed as a model of pyramidal cell synaptic activity. Here we propose a ring-shaped distribution of dipoles as a source model for these(More)
MEG forward problem has been solved for about 2000 dipoles placed on the brain surface using a very ®ne 3-layer realistic model of the head and the boundary element method (BEM). For each dipole, spherical models, one-layer realistic BEM models and coarser 3-layer realistic BEM models, were used to reconstruct the dipole. It was found that the localization(More)
USAGE, an acronym for User Application Generator, is a facility which aids and enhances the development of complex user-interactive applications. It gives the applicatio n designer the possibility to define and implement an application as : • A Set of Semantic Routines. These represent the basi c modular functions of the application, they are generally(More)
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