Olivier Martino

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A case of cutaneous hyalohyphomycosis, due to Fusarium oxysporum, in a 40 years old man is presented. The patient came from Paraguay where he worked in a tropical rural area. His disease had begun 2 months before his admission as a skin ulcer located in the left leg. Clinical characteristics, diagnosis methods, differential diagnosis with other ulcers of(More)
During 1996, four patients that returned from South Africa suffering from rickettsiosis were attended at the Traveler's Medicine practice of our hospital. All of them presented fever, headache and cutaneous scar. One of these presented maculopapular rash, while the rest developed a vesicular rash. The Weil-Felix reaction was negative and the(More)
A study was carried out on T. cruzi infection in pregnant women in the Guemes area in Salta province; the rate of infection was 12.3%. Of newborn children studied by the microhematocrit technique, 8.8% were diagnosed with Chagas' disease. All of them were treated with benznidazol (5mg/kg/day) for one month; all of them presented anemia, which was(More)