Olivier Marsden

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Explicit high-order numerical schemes are proposed for the accurate computation of multiple-scale problems and for the implementation of boundary conditions. Specific high-order node-centered finite differences and selective filters removing grid-to-grid oscillations are first designed for the discretization of the buffer region between a Dx-grid domain and(More)
A noncentered interpolation technique has been constructed to perform simulations using overlapping grids for complex geometries. High-order centered Lagrange polynomial interpolations and interpolations optimized in the Fourier space are first generalized to the noncentered case. These noncentered interpolations either generate significant dispersion(More)
The feasibility of using numerical simulation of fluid dynamics equations for the detailed description of long-range infrasound propagation in the atmosphere is investigated. The two dimensional (2D) Navier Stokes equations are solved via high fidelity spatial finite differences and Runge-Kutta time integration, coupled with a shock-capturing filter(More)
Direct numerical simulations of the two-dimensional unsteady compressible Navier-Stokes equations are performed to study the acoustic field generated by an infrasonic source in a realistic atmosphere. Some of the main phenomena affecting the propagation of infrasonic waves at large distances from the source are investigated. The effects of thermal and(More)