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Water monitoring at the scale of a small agricultural region is a key point to insure a good crop development particularly in South-Eastern France, where extreme climatic conditions result in long dry periods in spring and summer with very sparse precipitation events, corresponding to a crucial period of crop development. Remote sensing with the increasing(More)
The influence of temperature on the dielectric permittivity of soil is the result of counteracting effect that depends on the soil's composition and mineralogy. In this paper, laboratory experiments showed that for a given water content, the soil dielectric permittivity was linearly related to the temperature, with a slope (α) that varied between samples(More)
The impact of using non-coincident radiosoundings to remove atmosphere effect from thermal radiances is analyzed here. We considered 27 Landsat-7 ETM+ images acquired over a Mediterranean agricultural region, benefiting from nearby radiosoundings launched almost 2 hours later, and from the availability of a network of ground stations deployed over different(More)
Sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SIF) is a radiation flux emitted by chlorophyll molecules in the red (RSIF) and far red region (FRSIF), and is considered as a potential indicator of the functional state of photosynthesis in remote sensing applications. Recently, ground studies and space observations have demonstrated a strong empirical linear(More)
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