Olivier Losson

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Single-sensor color cameras, which classically use a color filter array (CFA) to sample RGB channels, have recently been extended to the multispectral domain. To sample more than three wavelength bands, such systems use a multispectral filter array (MSFA) that provides a raw image in which a single channel level is available at each pixel. A demosaicing(More)
Special needs of deaf people appeal henceforward to sign language synthesis. The system presented here is based on a hierarchical description of sign, trying to take the different grammatical processes into account. Stress is laid on hand configurations specification thanks to finger shapes primitives and hand global properties, and on location and(More)
This work lies within the scope of color image segmentation by pixel classification. Classes of pixels are generally constructed by mode detection applied to the color histogram, but this method tends to fail when the color distributions of the different objects highly overlap in the color space. A new characteristic function of the distribution of the(More)
To obtain a true color image from the Bayer CFA samples, an estimation process using interpolation is performed to retrieve the missing color components of each pixel. This is commonly referred to as CFA demosaicing. In this paper, we study the relationship between the resolution of the acquired CFA image and the quality of the demosaiced color image. For(More)
This work lies within the scope of color image segmentation by pixel classification. The classes of pixels are constructed by detecting the modes of the spatial-color compactness function, which characterizes the image by taking into account both the distribution of colors in the color space and their spatial location in the image plane. A fuzzy(More)
Single-sensor multispectral cameras, that sample spectral channels using a multispectral filter array, have recently emerged. They provide a raw image in which each channel is spectrally sampled pixel-wise according to the filter array pattern. A demosaicing procedure is then needed to estimate a multispectral image with full spectral resolution. The(More)