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Over the years, SSL/TLS has become an essential part of internet security. As such, it should offer robust and state-of-the-art security, in particular for HTTPS, its first application. Theoretically, the protocol allows for a trade-off between secure algorithms and decent performance. Yet in practice, servers do not always support the latest version of the(More)
Urea production from arginine was studied in vitro in the kidney of normal rats in tubule suspensions of the four different renal zones (cortex, outer and inner stripe of outer medulla, and inner medulla), and in individual microdissected nephron segments. Tissue was incubated with L-[guanido-14C]-arginine to measure cellular arginase activity. Addition of(More)
Arginine production was measured in isolated rat nephron segments. Segments were incubated with 0.3 mM aspartate and 0.1 mM L-[ureido-14C]-citrulline in a sealed chamber. Arginase and urease were added to the medium to hydrolyze arginine and to release 14CO2, which was trapped in KOH and counted. Arginine synthesis was found only in the proximal tubule,(More)
Hydrolysis of arginine into urea and ornithine (Orn) was observed to take place in several segments of the rat nephron including cortical and medullary pars recta of the proximal tubule (PST) and collecting duct (CD). This work was now extended to the adult mouse and rabbit. Representative nephron segments, obtained by microdissection of collagenase-treated(More)
1. Arginine is essential for growth in the kitten and, because of the resulting hyperammonaemia, in the adult cat an arginine-free diet is life threatening. 2. The kidney is the main site of arginine synthesis. 3. This study was performed to determine whether the cat kidney synthesizes arginine and to establish which factors, such as low citrullinaemia,(More)
Cysteine sulfinate decarboxylase (CSD) is the rate-limiting biosynthetic enzyme of the pathway that forms taurine, a putative osmolyte in the kidney, which was previously localized in various segments of the nephron. Although CSD is known to be expressed in whole kidney extracts, no information on CSD mRNA regional expression and histological localization(More)
The distribution of arginine synthase and arginase activities along the successive nephron segments of Meriones kidney was measured in vitro with single tubule enzymatic microtechniques making use of either L-[ureido-14C] Citrulline (0.108 mM) or L-[guanidino-14C]arginine (0.2 mM) as the respective substrates. Arginase activity (fmol urea formed per min per(More)
Trusted computing has been explored through several international initiatives. Trust in a platform generally requires a subset of its components to be trusted (typically, the CPU, the chipset and a virtual machine hypervisor). These components are granted maximal privileges and constitute the so called Trusted Computing Base (TCB), the size of which should(More)
The kidney plays a key role in arginine metabolism. Arginine production is controlled by argininosuccinate synthetase (ASS) and argininosuccinate lyase (ASL) which metabolize citrulline and aspartate to arginine and fumarate whereas arginine consumption is dependent on arginine:glycine amidinotransferase (GAT), which mediates creatine and ornithine(More)
As in human disease, macrophages (MØ) are central players in the development and progression of experimental atherosclerosis. In this study we have evaluated the phenotype of MØ associated with progression of atherosclerosis in the apolipoprotein E (ApoE) knockout (KO) mouse model.We found that bone marrow-derived MØ submitted to M1 and M2 polarization(More)