Olivier Laurent

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We show that the decomposition of Intuitionistic Logic into Linear Logic along the equation A ! B = !A ( B may be adapted into a decomposition of classical logic into LLP, the polarized version of Linear Logic. Firstly we build a categorical model of classical logic (a Control Category) from a categorical model of Linear Logic by a construction similar to(More)
In the absence of individual data, ecological or contextual measures of socioeconomic level are frequently used to describe social inequalities in health. This work focuses on the methodological aspects of the development and validation of a French small-area index of socioeconomic deprivation and its application to the evaluation of the socioeconomic(More)
Current knowledge about potential interactions between socioeconomic status and the short- and long-term effects of air pollution on mortality was reviewed. A systematic search of the Medline database through April 2006 extracted detailed information about exposure measures, socioeconomic indicators, subjects' characteristics and principal results. Fifteen(More)
Little is known about the impacts of green spaces on pregnancy outcomes. The relationship between green space exposure and preeclampsia has never been studied. We used a hospital-based perinatal database including more than 80,000 births to study the relationships between greenness exposure and three pregnancy outcomes: birth weight in term born infants,(More)
BACKGROUND Low birth weight (LBW, <2500 g) has been associated with exposure to air pollution, but it is still unclear which sources or components of air pollution might be in play. The association between ultrafine particles and LBW has never been studied. OBJECTIVES To study the relationships between LBW in term born infants and exposure to particles by(More)
We generalize the intuitionistic Hyland–Ong games (and in a second step Abramsky–Jagadeesan– Malacaria games) to a notion of polarized games allowing games with plays starting by proponent moves. The usual constructions on games are adjusted to fit this setting yielding game models for both Intuitionistic Linear Logic and Polarized Linear Logic. We prove a(More)
The study of isomorphisms of types has been mainly carried out in an intuitionistic setting. We extend some of these works to classical logic for both call-by-name and call-by-value computations by means of polarized linear logic and game semantics. This leads to equational characterizations of these isomorphisms for all the propositional connectives.
The relationships between meteorology and pregnancy outcomes are not well known. This article reviews available evidence on the relationships between seasonality or meteorology and three major pregnancy outcomes: the hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (including preeclampsia, eclampsia and gestational hypertension), gestational length and birth weight. In(More)