Olivier J. N. Bertrand

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Avoiding collisions is one of the most basic needs of any mobile agent, both biological and technical, when searching around or aiming toward a goal. We propose a model of collision avoidance inspired by behavioral experiments on insects and by properties of optic flow on a spherical eye experienced during translation, and test the interaction of this model(More)
While navigating their environments it is essential for autonomous mobile robots to actively avoid collisions with obstacles. Flying insects perform this behavioural task with ease relying mainly on information the visual system provides. Here we implement a bio-inspired collision avoidance algorithm based on the extraction of nearness information from(More)
Aujeszky’s disease is an economically important disease in domestic pigs caused by the alphaherpesvirus pseudorabies virus (PRV). However, also wild boars are a natural reservoir for the virus, and this can lead to infection of wildlife carnivore species. Three wolves held in the wildlife park of Han-sur-Lesse in the province of Namur in Belgium were(More)
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