Olivier Guyon

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This paper investigates the integration of the employee timetabling and production scheduling problems. At the first level, we manage a classical employee timetabling problem. At the second level, we aim at supplying a feasible production schedule for a set of interruptible tasks with qualification requirements and time-windows. Instead of hierarchically(More)
High contrast coronagraphic imaging of the immediate surrounding of stars requires exquisite control of low-order wavefront aberrations, such as tip-tilt (pointing) and focus. We propose an accurate, efficient and easy to implement technique to measure such aberrations in coronagraphs which use a focal plane mask to block starlight. The Coronagraphic Low(More)
The Pupil-mapping Exoplanet Coronagraphic Observer (PECO) medium-class mission concept is a 1.4-m space-based optical telescope with a high-performance Phase-Induced Amplitude Apodization (PIAA) coronagraph. PECO detects and characterizes exoplanets and their host systems at 2 λ/D (0.15 ") separation at high contrast (~1e-10). The optical design images in(More)
  • Jared R Males, Laird M Close, Olivier Guyon, Katie Morzinski, Alfio Puglisi, Philip Hinz +13 others
  • 2014
One of the primary goals of exoplanet science is to find and characterize habitable planets, and direct imaging will play a key role in this effort. Though imaging a true Earth analog is likely out of reach from the ground, the coming generation of giant telescopes will find and characterize many planets in and near the habitable zones (HZs) of nearby(More)
We propose two exact methods to solve an integrated employee-timetable and job-shop-scheduling problem. The problem is to find a minimum cost employee-timetable, where employees have different competences and work during shifts, so that the production, that corresponds to a job-shop with resource availability constraints, can be achieved. We introduce two(More)
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