Olivier Guillot

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Two hybridomas that produce the mAbs 135 and 449 B4 were obtained that inhibited the binding of IgE to the Fc epsilon RL/CD23 on the EBV-transformed B cell line RPMI 8866. mAb 135 was obtained from a mouse immunized with RPMI 8866 cells, whereas mAb 449B4 was obtained from a mouse immunized with a partially purified preparation of Fc epsilon RL/CD23(More)
A project of surface meshing for still and animated images and associated software has been developed at L3i for several years. The software ([KG04]) implements a meshing technique of deformable objects based on triangular meshes or on polygons with only 3 connected vertices. In this paper, we present a technique of subdivision of triangular meshes and its(More)
Keywords: Mesh – surface discontinuities – local multiresolution – analysis – synthesis – compression ratio. Abstract: We build a local multiresolution of meshes when the connectivity is resulting from an enhanced 3 subdivision of a coarse mesh template. We use the concept of biorthogonality and lifting to develop a set of filters for local analysis and(More)
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