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Two hybridomas that produce the mAbs 135 and 449 B4 were obtained that inhibited the binding of IgE to the Fc epsilon RL/CD23 on the EBV-transformed B cell line RPMI 8866. mAb 135 was obtained from a mouse immunized with RPMI 8866 cells, whereas mAb 449B4 was obtained from a mouse immunized with a partially purified preparation of Fc epsilon RL/CD23(More)
We studied whether normal human B cells would express IL-1 activity and transcribe IL-1 genes before or after activation through their Ag receptor. Anti IgM antibody-activated B cells expressed IL-1 alpha on the cell surface and secreted IL-1 beta. Optimal induction of IL-1 occurred within 16 h of anti-IgM activation. mRNA specific for both IL-1 alpha and(More)
Using survey data from the 2009 wave of the European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions, this study examines the determinants of unmet needs for medical and dental care in European countries. Special emphasis is put on the impact of health system characteristics. Four factors are taken into account: the density of doctors or dentists, the(More)
Despite the use of cannulated compression screws, it is still difficult to screw non-displaced fractures of the scaphoid percutaneously. That is due in particular to the difficulty in assessing the correct position for the guide pin from the 2D fluoroscopic images. This work is designed to enable 3D visualisation of the scaphoid during surgical operations(More)
We build a local multiresolution of meshes when the connectivity is resulting from an enhanced 3 subdivision of a coarse mesh template. We use the concept of biorthogonality and lifting to develop a set of filters for local analysis and local synthesis. The enhanced 3 subdivision, we developed, takes into account natural surface discontinuities during the(More)
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