Olivier Guaitella

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Dielectric Barrier Discharges (DBD) in air at atmospheric pressure and at low frequency are mainly constituted of thin transient plasma filaments (or microdischarges) with radii of a few hundreds of micrometers. In this work, we consider a point-to-plane geometry with the dielectric covering the plane electrode. Plasma filaments are initiated by streamers,(More)
A compact and transportable three channel quantum cascade laser system (TRIPLE Q) based on mid-infrared absorption spectroscopy has been developed for time-resolved plasma diagnostics. The TRIPLE Q spectrometer encompasses three independently controlled quantum cascade lasers (QCLs), which can be used for chemical sensing, particularly for gas phase(More)
The present paper is an experimental study of a pulsed filamentary plasma discharge inside liquid water in pin to plane electrode configuration. Time resolved electrical and imaging diagnostics have been performed. The initiation and the propagation of the discharge have been studied for several experimental parameters. The propagation is continuous and is(More)
In this paper we present results of iCCD imaging performed on a surface dielectric barrier discharge on one hand, and a small metal plate to dielectric plate, on the other hand. Similar characteristics of the two discharges are showed, such as the plasma length, or simultaneous ignitions of filaments. To go investigate further the synchronicity of the(More)
First, the time evolution of O atoms density in the gas phase during the post-discharge of a pulsed N<sub>2</sub>-O<sub>2</sub> DC plasma is studied using a plasma induced fluorescence technique (PIF) where a main long pulse creates the plasma and a shorter one re-excites atoms in the time post-discharge. The surface loss coefficient of O atoms on pyrex,(More)
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