Olivier Grisvard

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We present HIC (Human-system Interaction Container), a general framework for the integration of advanced interaction in the software development process. We show how this framework allows to reconcile the software development methods (such MDA, MDE) with the architectural models of software design such as MVC or PAC. We illustrate our approach thanks to two(More)
In this paper we present and justify the design and implementation choices we have made in order to build our dialogue system MultiDial2. We propose an eventbased representation that enables us to structure the dialogue data upon several levels but within a single representation space. We show how this provides us with the necessary flexibility for a proper(More)
Nowadays, systems designed by industrial groups become more and more large and complex. These companies have to employ numerous architects and engineers in order to understand the needs, analyse the complexity and design the system. Architects and engineers have to share the system concepts during the stages of the building process. Requirements are like a(More)
Catherine Letondal Pierre-Yves Pillain Emile Verdurand Daniel Prun Olivier Grisvard Univ. Toulouse, ENAC Télécom Bretagne Univ. Toulouse, ENAC Télécom Bretagne Lab-STICC, UMR CNRS 3192 / THALES 31055 Toulouse, France 29238 Brest, France 31055 Toulouse, France 29238 Brest, France catherine.letondal@enac.fr {py.pillain, emile.verdurand}@ daniel.prun@enac.fr(More)
In this short paper we will present our latest research on a new framework being developed for aiding novice designers of highly interactive, cooperative, multimodal systems to make expert decisions in choice of interaction modalities depending on the type of activity and its cooperative nature. Our research is conducted within the field of maritime(More)
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