Olivier Gentilhomme

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In about 50% of patients with stage IV neuroblastoma, micrometastases are present in the bone marrow when it is harvested for an autograft to follow induction therapy, and the risk of graft contamination by neuroblastoma cells has been the rationale for the use of a purging procedure. However, bone marrow metastases are detected with trephine biopsies which(More)
On 80 occasions 4 iliac biopsy trephines and 4 iliac aspirations were performed in 37 children with neuroblastoma at various stages of the disease. In 38 of these procedures, tumour cells were detected. In 24% of cases, both trephines and aspirates were positive, whereas in 63% neuroblastoma cells were detected only on the trephines and in 13% only on the(More)
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