Olivier Gapenne

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The strategies of action employed by a human subject in order to perceive simple 2-D forms on the basis of tactile sensory feedback have been modelled by an explicit computer algorithm. The modelling process has been constrained and informed by the capacity of human subjects both to consciously describe their own strategies, and to apply explicit(More)
In this paper, we propose a formal definition of the perception as a behavioral dynamical attraction basin. The perception is built from the integration of the sensori-motor flow. Psychological considerations and robotic experiments on an embodied " intelligent " system are provided to show how this definition can satisfy both psychologist and robotician(More)
When the subjects handle a haptic zoom (kinaesthetic zoom through a sensory substitution device), they don't have any difficulty to make the distinction between a zoom-in and a zoom-out and this, while basing themselves on the number of pins activated under the finger. In a similar way to the visual zoom, the haptic zoom-in gives them access to the detail(More)
With the spread of ICT and the Internet during the last two decades, more and more tools rely on graphical interfaces that make them scarcely accessible to the visually impaired. The ITOIP project aims at developing the use of a tactile perceptual supplementation system called Tactos. A partnership with a visually impaired persons (VIP) association allows(More)
RESUME En vue d'étendre les possibilités d'usage des assistants personnels, nous avons validé expérimentalement, dans une étude précédente, la possibilité d'une nouvelle technique de zoom associée à un retour tactile (zoom hapti-que). Les objets affichés sur l'écran d'un PDA étant re-lativement petits, nous avons souhaité, dans la présente étude, définir(More)
In this article we present a theoretical framework and some models for assisting the conception of tactile communication devices. In order to propose relevant concepts and successful innovative products, designers need to anticipate as early as possible the user experience that will emerge from actual use of the product they are developing. The way the(More)
This article proposes a theoretical reflection on the conditions for the constitution of a distinction between the self and the world by a cognitive system. The main hypothesis is the following: proprioception, as a sensory system that is habitually dedicated essentially to experience of the body, is conceived here as a coupling which is necessary for the(More)