Olivier Ernst

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OBJECTIVE To perform preliminary tests in vitro and with healthy volunteers to determine the 3-T MRI compatibility of a cochlear implant with a non-removable magnet. METHODS In the in vitro phase, we tested six implants for temperature changes and internal malfunctioning. We measured the demagnetisation of 65 internal magnets with different tilt angles(More)
Serous cystadenoma is a common benign neoplasm that can be managed without surgery in asymptomatic patients provided that the diagnosis is certain. We describe a patient, whose pancreatic cyst exhibited a radiological appearance distinct from that of typical serous cystadenoma, resulting in diagnostic difficulties. CT and MRI showed a 10 cm-polycystic tumor(More)
PURPOSE To describe a sign in magnetic resonance (MR) imaging that could reflect the state of the cochlear nerve before hearing-preservation surgery in small vestibular schwannomas. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-one patients with serviceable hearing underwent 1.5-T MR imaging before hearing-preservation surgery. The presence of cochlear fossa enhancement(More)
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