Olivier Dumont

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In this paper we present a method for geometry synthesis by example, inspired by techniques from texture synthesis. Given an example of input geometry, we synthesize new output geometry that is perceived similar to the input geometry, but at the same time differs in its local appearance. We assume the input geometry satisfies the constraints of a Markov(More)
Powdery mildew due to the fungus Uncinula necator is an important disease for the vineyard. The development of the fungus at the surface of the berries leads to the occurrence of a very characteristic and sometimes intense mushroom-type odor cited as an important default for grapes quality. Gas chromatography/olfactometry, gas chromatography, and(More)
AIM AND METHODS The aim of this prospective, randomized, study performed in 60 outpatients was to compare 2 precolonoscopy bowel preparations: oral sodium phosphate (NaP) versus standard polyethylene glycol-based lavage solution (PEG). None of the patients met any of NaP exclusion criteria. All patients were prepared on the day prior to colonoscopy. A(More)
Geometry synthesis relates to geometry modeling much like texture synthesis relates to texture modeling. Textures can be created by hand, generated procedurally, or synthesized from existing textures. Likewise, geometry can be modeled by hand, and specific types of geometry can be generated procedurally. However, there are currently no techniques to(More)
We present a method to obtain a perceptual quality scale, relating the number of basis images used in the imagebased relighting of scenes containing glossy surfaces to their perceived quality. Our method is based on advanced psychological experiments, requiring observers to make judgments on different relit images. These relit images are constructed with(More)
Perceptual research in photo-realistic rendering has mainly focused on the limitations of the human visual system to predict visible differences between the pixels of a radiometrically correct image and an approximation of the same image [Daly 1993]. However, research in perceptual psychology and vision suggests that image interpretation is inherently a(More)
The goal of this dissertation is to attain a fast texture synthesis technique able to generate visually pleasing results from a sample texture for a wide range of texture categories. Computer graphics applications often use textures to decorate virtual objects in order to increase realism without modifying geometric details. In recent years, texture(More)
Because of the depletion of fossil fuels and global warming issues, the world energy sector is undergoing various changes towards increased sustainability. Among the different technologies being developed, solar energy, and more specifically CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) systems are expected to play a key role to supply centralized loads and off-grid areas(More)