Olivier Dubreuil

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Several recombinant antibody libraries associated with different screening technologies have been generated since the first steps of antibody engineering 15 years ago, in order to isolate human monoclonal antibodies. In this race to isolate antibody with virtually any specificity, innovative strategies have been developed to clone natural antibody(More)
Blockade of the human epidermal growth factor receptor 3 (HER3) and of the downstream phosphatidylinositide 3-kinase (PI3K)/AKT pathway is a prerequisite for overcoming drug resistance and to develop novel treatments for cancers that are not eligible for the currently approved targeted therapies. To this end, we generated specific antibodies (Abs) against(More)
As a growing number of therapeutic antibodies are developed, robust methods to efficiently improve the affinity and/or specificity of antibody candidates are needed. Here we describe our powerful platform that combines scFv affinity maturation and IgG high-throughput screening. After creating diversity with our random mutagenesis technology (MutaGen™), the(More)
We characterized the mechanism of action of the neuregulin-non-competitive anti-HER3 therapeutic antibody 9F7-F11 that blocks the PI3K/AKT pathway, leading to cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in vitro and regression of pancreatic and breast cancer in vivo. We found that 9F7-F11 induces rapid HER3 down-regulation. Specifically, 9F7-F11-induced HER3(More)
ne femme de 58 ans était hospitalisée pour exploration ’un épisode unique de rectorragies sans déglobulisation. et épisode avait été précédé la veille de violentes douleurs égressives du flanc droit. Il existait comme principaux antéédents une hystérectomie interannexielle en 1990, puis une ystectomie ovarienne gauche en 1991. L’examen clinique e montrait(More)
Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death in women with gynecological cancers and despite recent advances, new and more efficient therapies are crucially needed. Müllerian Inhibiting Substance type II Receptor (MISRII, also named AMHRII) is expressed in most ovarian cancer subtypes and is a novel potential target for ovarian cancer immunotherapy. We(More)
Exploratory clinical trials using therapeutic anti-HER3 antibodies strongly suggest that neuregulin (NRG1; HER3 ligand) expression at tumor sites is a predictive biomarker of anti-HER3 antibody efficacy in cancer. We hypothesized that in NRG1-expressing tumors, where the ligand is present before antibody treatment, anti-HER3 antibodies that do not compete(More)
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