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— This paper is about (self-powered) advanced hand prosthetics and their control via surface electromyography (sEMG). We hereby introduce to the biorobotics community the first version of the NINAPRO database, containing kinematic and sEMG data from the upper limbs of 27 intact subjects while performing 52 finger, hand and wrist movements of interest. The(More)
In this paper, we characterize the Ninapro database and its use as a benchmark for hand prosthesis evaluation. The database is a publicly available resource that aims to support research on advanced myoelectric hand prostheses. The database is obtained by jointly recording surface electromyography signals from the forearm and kinematics of the hand and(More)
Several studies (on an inclined platform or with special shoes) have reported improved jump performance when the ankle was in a dorsiflexion (DF) position. The present study aims to test whether shoes inducing moderate DF modify vertical jump performance and energy cost. Twenty-one young, healthy female subjects (30 +/- 6 yr, 58 +/- 6 kg, O2max 45 +/- 3(More)
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