Olivier Deriaz

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— This paper is about (self-powered) advanced hand prosthetics and their control via surface electromyography (sEMG). We hereby introduce to the biorobotics community the first version of the NINAPRO database, containing kinematic and sEMG data from the upper limbs of 27 intact subjects while performing 52 finger, hand and wrist movements of interest. The(More)
In this paper, we characterize the Ninapro database and its use as a benchmark for hand prosthesis evaluation. The database is a publicly available resource that aims to support research on advanced myoelectric hand prostheses. The database is obtained by jointly recording surface electromyography signals from the forearm and kinematics of the hand and(More)
Background: Traumatic spinal cord injury (TSCI) has a high personal and socioeconomic impact. Effective public health prevention policies that aim to reduce this burden are reliant on contemporary information of the risk and underlying causes of TSCI. This study contextualizes Swiss annual incidence rates within the European context, and provides detailed(More)
The anaerobic threshold (AT) is a good index of personal endurance but needs a laboratory setting to be determined. It is important to develop easy AT field measurements techniques in order to rapidly adapt training programs. In the present study, it is postulated that the variability of the respiratory parameters decreases with exercise intensity(More)
BACKGROUND Workers with persistent disabilities after orthopaedic trauma may need occupational rehabilitation. Despite various risk profiles for non-return-to-work (non-RTW), there is no available predictive model. Moreover, injured workers may have various origins (immigrant workers), which may either affect their return to work or their eligibility for(More)
BACKGROUND The partial form of the complex regional pain syndrome of the hand type 1 (CRPS 1), involving only 1 to 3 fingers, is a rare condition first described in 1972. The aim of the study is to define more precisely the diagnosis workup and the prognosis of this clinical entity. METHODS Retrospective study of CRPS1 partial form observed during five(More)
BACKGROUND The Foot and Ankle Ability Measure (FAAM) is a self reported questionnaire for patients with foot and ankle disorders available in English, German, and Persian. This study plans to translate the FAAM from English to French (FAAM-F) and assess the validity and reliability of this new version. METHODS The FAAM-F Activities of Daily Living (ADL)(More)
Several studies (on an inclined platform or with special shoes) have reported improved jump performance when the ankle was in a dorsiflexion (DF) position. The present study aims to test whether shoes inducing moderate DF modify vertical jump performance and energy cost. Twenty-one young, healthy female subjects (30 +/- 6 yr, 58 +/- 6 kg, O2max 45 +/- 3(More)
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