Olivier Delerue

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We propose a system for performing on-the-fly mixing of audio sources, to produce spatialized sound. We introduce to this aim a constraint system linked to a graphical user interface representing the sound sources, and connected to a spatializer. The constraint system allows to express various sorts of properties on configuration of sound sources. When the(More)
It is estimated that ~10% of the adult population in developed countries is affected by subjective tinnitus. Physiopathology of subjective tinnitus remains incompletely explained. Nevertheless, subjective tinnitus is thought to result from hyperactivity and neuroplastic reorganization of cortical and subcortical networks following acoustic deafferentation(More)
We address the issue of automatically extracting rhythm descriptors from audio signals, to be eventually used in content-based musical applications such as in the context of MPEG7. Our aim is to approach the comprehension of auditory scenes in raw polyphonic audio signals without preliminary source separation. As a first step towards the automatic(More)
We propose an approach for extracting automatically time indexes of occurrences of percussive sounds in an audio signal taken from the Popular music repertoire. The scheme is able to detect percussive sounds unknown a priori in a selective fashion. It is based on an analysis by synthesis technique, whereby the sound searched for is gradually synthesized(More)
1. ~S~CT We develop mdtimedia technology for enriching the music fitening eqerience. We propose a systemMdiSpace in which mers may kten to music \vMe controtig in rd tie the lo-ation of sound sourcw, through a simple interface. We introduce the problem of mtiiizg co~zsfite~zcy, and propose a solution based on a constraint propagation mechbm. The proposed(More)