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The World Wide Web infrastructure together with its more than 2 billion users enables to store information at a rate that has never been achieved before. This is mainly due to the will of storing almost all end-user interactions performed on some web applications. In order to reply to scalability and availability constraints, many web companies involved in(More)
During the last past years, cooperatives medical practices in healthcare networks have emerged and evolved drastically. Within these networks, healthcare professionals take care of patients, according to their degree of expertise, in contact with the others members for heaviest or simplest cases. An ubiquitous element in these medical documents is(More)
BACKGROUND Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are frequently used by clinicians and researchers to search for, extract, and analyze groups of patients by defining Health Outcome of Interests (HOI). The definition of an HOI is generally considered a complex and time consuming task for health care professionals. METHODS In our clinical note-based(More)
  • Olivier Curé
  • 2003
This paper describes an evaluation methodology designed for the IMSA (Interactive Multimedia System for Auto-medication) system. IMSA stands in the multidisciplinary field of medical informatics and aims at providing a health care Internet tool for the general public. As far as a medical information system is patient-oriented, issues in understanding(More)
No SQL stores are emerging as an efficient alternative to relational database management systems in the context of big data. Many actors in this domain consider that to gain a wider adoption, several extensions have to be integrated. Some of them focus on the ways of proposing more schema, supporting adapted declarative query languages and providing(More)
In this paper, we present a system which enables the integration of data stored in relational databases into a Semantic Web compliant knowledge base. In this context, our system, named DBOM, proposes a solution to the impedance mismatch problem by proposing a mapping language that allows to specify how to transform data retrieved from tuples of the(More)
Due to the large amount of data generated by user interactions on the Web, some companies are currently innovating in the domain of data management by designing their own systems. Many of them are referred to as NoSQL databases, standing for 'Not only SQL'. With their wide adoption will emerge new needs and data integration will certainly be one of them. In(More)