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We consider the problem of dimensioning real-time AFDX FIFO networks with a worst-case end-to-end delay analysis. The state-of-the-art has considered several approaches to compute these worst-case end-to-end delays. Among them, the Trajectory approach has received more attention as it has been shown to provide tight end-to-end delay upper bounds. Recently,(More)
The mastoid air cell system has traditionally been considered to have a passive role in gas exchange and pressure regulation of the middle ear possibly with some acoustic function. However, more evidence has focused on the mucosa of the mastoid, which may play a more active role in regulation of middle ear pressure. In this study we have applied micro-CT(More)
The mastoid air cell system (MACS) with its large complex of interconnected air cells reflects an enhanced surface area (SA) relative to its volume (V), which may indicate that the MACS is adapted to gas exchange and has a potential role in middle ear pressure regulation. These geometric parameters of the MACS have been studied by high resolution clinical(More)
—Many applications in image analysis include the problem of linear structure detection, e.g. segmentation of blood vessels in medical images, roads in satellite images, etc. A simple and efficient solution is to apply linear filters tuned to the structures of interest and extract line and edge positions from the filter output. However, if the filter is not(More)
Numerous micro-channels have recently been discovered in the human temporal bone by x-ray micro-CT-scanning. After a preliminary study suggesting that these micro-channels form a separate blood supply for the mucosa of the mastoid air cells, a structural analysis of the micro-channels using a local structure tensor was carried out. Despite the(More)
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