Olivier Chomat

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This paper addresses the problem of probabilistic recognition of activities from local spatio-temporal appearance. Joint statistics of space-time filters are employed to define histograms which characterize the activities to be recognized. These histograms provide the joint probability density functions required for recognition using Bayes rule. The result(More)
In this paper we describe an augmented reality tool for collaborative work called the MagicBoard. The MagicBoard is based on a ordinary white board which has been enhanced by a video projector and a steerable camera. A supervisor coordinates the cooperation of several modules including gesture recognition, nger tracking and white board scanning for(More)
This paper addresses the problem of the local scale parameter selection for recognition techniques based on Gaussian derivatives. Patterns are represented in a local appearance subspace or feature space of which each dimension is a receptive elds (a unit composed of Gaussian derivatives). A scale equivariant feature space is obtained using an automatic(More)
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