Olivier Chalus

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We demonstrate efficient optical parametric amplification and generation in a gas-filled hollow-core fiber of near-infrared pulses, peaked at 1.4 microm wavelength, with 5 microJ energy and 45 fs duration at the fiber output. Numerical simulations confirm that the OPA is phase matched through excitation of higher-order fiber modes.
We demonstrate the validity of the Shackled-frequency-resolved-optical-gating technique for the complete characterization, both in space and in time, of ultrashort optical pulses that present strong angular dispersion. Combining a simple imaging grating with a Hartmann-Shack sensor and standard frequency-resolved-optical-gating detection at a single spatial(More)
We present a novel mid-IR source based on optical parametric chirped pulse amplification (OPCPA) generating 96 fs pulses (9.0 cycles) at 3.2 mm with an energy of 1.2 microJ, at a repetition rate of 100 kHz. The amplified spectrum supports a minimum Fourier transform limited pulse duration of 45 fs, or 4.2 cycles. Our use of OPCPA allows the direct(More)
Transverse parasitic lasing is well known for limiting the signal gain and the pulse energy that can be extracted from Ti:sapphire petawatt amplifiers. We have developed a technique for suppressing these parasitic lasing modes based on perfect refractive index-matching liquid doped with a broad-bandwidth absorber to suppress the transverse lasing while(More)
An all-optical and passively carrier-to-envelope-phase-stabilized (CEP-stabilized) optical parametric chirped pulse amplification (OPCPA) system is demonstrated with sub-250-mrad CEP stability over 11 min and better than 100 mrad over 11 s. This is achieved without any electronic CEP stabilization loop for 160 kHz pulse repetition rate in the few cycle(More)
We describe a second-harmonic-generation frequency-resolved optical gating measurement device optimized for the characterization of few-cycle pulses in the mid-IR spectral range. The system has a temporal range of 100 ps with resolution of 0.12 fs, and it is capable of measuring pulses as short as 1.5 cycles (15 fs) at 3 microm. Through interchangeable beam(More)
We demonstrate that multiple spectral-shearing interferometry increases the precision and accuracy of measurements of the spectral phase of a complex pulse (time-bandwidth product = 125) arising from self-phase modulation in a gas filled capillary. We verify that the measured interferometric phase is accurate to 0.1 rad across the full bandwidth by checking(More)
We present a design for a novel carrier to envelope phase stable optical parametric chirped pulse amplification source in the mid-infrared. We calculate the amplification of a 3.1 microm seed pulse, generated via DFG from a two-colour fibre laser, using a fully three dimensional OPCPA code. We combine this with a ray-tracing code to model pulse compression(More)