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Turbulent wake past a three-dimensional blunt body. Part 1. Global modes and bi-stability
The flow around the three-dimensional blunt geometry presented in the work of Ahmed, Ramm & Faitin ( Tech. Rep. , 1984) is investigated experimentally at $\mathit{Re}= {U}_{0} H/ \nu = 9. 2\timesExpand
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Contribution to Productivity or Pork Barrel? : The Two Faces of Infrastructure Investment
This paper proposes a simultaneous-equation approach to the estimation of the contribution of transport infrastructure accumulation to regional growth. We model explicitly the political-economyExpand
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Success and Failure of African Exporters
Using a novel dataset with transactions level exports data from four African countries (Malawi, Mali, Senegal and Tanzania), this paper uncovers evidence of a high degree of experimentation at theExpand
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Corruption as a gamble
Abstract In the following model of corruption, a simple game is set up whose players are a government official granting a permit, conditional on a test, and a candidate requesting the permit. TheExpand
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North-South Standards Harmonization and International Trade
Recent years have seen a surge in economic integration agreements (EIAs) and the development of non-tariff measures (NTMs). As a consequence, a growing number of EIAs include provisions on NTMs.Expand
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Trade Diversification, Income, and Growth: What Do We Know?
This paper surveys the empirical literature on export and import diversification and its linkages with growth. We review widely used measures of diversification and the evidence about their evolutionExpand
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Revealed Factor Intensity Indices at the Product Level
This paper describes a data-intensive methodology to generate indices that indicate “revealed” factor intensity of traded goods, at the most disaggregated level of product classification (SITCExpand
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Imports and TFP at the Firm Level: The Role of Absorptive Capacity
This paper estimates the effect of the decision to import intermediate goods and capital equipment on Total Factor Productivity (TFP) at the firm level on a panel of Spanish firms (1991–2002). We useExpand
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Bi-stability in the turbulent wake past parallelepiped bodies with various aspect ratios and wall effects
The turbulent wake past parallelepiped bodies with a rectangular blunt trailing edge of height H and width W is investigated in wall proximity: various aspect ratios H* = H/W ∈ [0.51, 1.63] andExpand
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Rules of Origin as Export Subsidies
The paper estimates the effect of NAFTA’s rules of origin (ROO) on Mexican access to the US market treating explicitly the endogenous determination of ROOs. The first equation determines Mexico’sExpand
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