Olivier Bouchet

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—A home network represents an increasingly large portion of a household's electrical consumption due to the increasing number of digital home devices and the increasing complexity of the underlying communication infrastructure. Limiting a home network's power consumption is a priority for large institutions as witnessed by evolving regulation, and a(More)
project aims at bridging the gap between home and access network and providing Gb/s connectivity to users. The project considers a combination of various technologies such as radio-frequency and wireless optical links operating at infrared and visible wavelengths. When combined with power-line communications (PLC), this enables a home backbone that meets(More)
In this paper, the link budget of Gbps wireless infrared indoor communication is analysed. We particularly focus on the receiver sensitivity and identify the most suitable wavelengths range. We show that an optical receiver operating at 1 Gbps will hardly achieve the shot noise limit, which is determined by the received amount of background light. Regarding(More)