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Context • A MAS has two properties which seems controversial: a global purpose autonomous agents While the autonomy of the agents is essential for the MAS, it may also cause the looseness of the global congruence/coherence. • The organization of a MAS is used solve this conflict constraining the agents behavior towards its global purpose. • Example: when an(More)
The Multi-agent Systems (MAS) area, while concerning heterogeneous and open systems, has evolved towards the specification of global constraints that agents are supposed to follow. A subset of these constraints are known as organisation of the MAS. This paper describes a software implementation, called S-Moise + , that tries to fill the gap between the(More)
A Multi-Agent System (MAS) that represents explicitly its organization normally focuses either on the functioning or on the structure of this organization. However, addressing both aspects is a prolific approach when one wants to design or describe a MAS organization. The problem is to define these aspects in such a way that they can be both assembled in a(More)
Reorganisation within a multi-agent system may be managed by the agents themselves by adapting the organisation to both environmental changes and their own goals. In this paper, we propose an organisation-centred model for controlling this process. Using the MOISE + organisation model, we are able to define an organisational structure bearing on a(More)
Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) has evolved towards the specification of global constraints that heterogeneous and autonomous agents are supposed to follow when concerning open systems. A subset of these constraints is known as the MAS organisation. This article describes a set of computational tools that supports the development and the programming of such(More)
Most of the work done until now in computational vision deals with the construction of independent visual processing methods that implement a speciic subtask of the whole process. In this paper, we are proposing a control architecture, Asic, based on a multi-agent approach. It has been used to build the Mavi system which integrates diierent visual modules(More)