Olivier Bezy

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Exposure of preadipocytes to long-chain fatty acids induces the expression of several markers of adipocyte differentiation. In an attempt to identify novel genes and proteins that are regulated by fatty acids in preadipocytes, we performed a substractive hybridization screening and identified PTX3, a protein of the pentraxin family. PTX3 mRNA expression is(More)
Obesity, especially visceral obesity, is associated with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. We previously identified the cell surface proteoglycan glypican-4 as differentially expressed in subcutaneous versus visceral white fat depots. Here we show that glypican-4 is released from cells and adipose tissue explants of mice, and that circulating(More)
OBJECTIVE Type 2 diabetes and obesity are increasingly affecting human populations around the world. Our goal was to identify early molecular signatures predicting genetic risk to these metabolic diseases using two strains of mice that differ greatly in disease susceptibility. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We integrated metabolic characterization, gene(More)
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