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OATAO is an open access repository that collects the work of Toulouse researchers and makes it freely available over the web where possible. Abstract—Although multi/many-core platforms enable the parallel execution of tasks, the sharing of resources may lead to long WCETs that fail to meet the real-time constraints of the system. Then, a safe solution is(More)
Assessing the correct behavior of a given system at run-time can be achieved by monitoring its execution, and is complementary to off-line analysis such as static verification. In this work, we focus on run-time monitoring of system properties that include both causality and timing constraints, in distributed and time-constrained systems. Based on a(More)
Supervising a system in operation allows to detect a violation of system specification or temporal properties, and is the first step required by any reconfiguration mechanism. In this work, we focus on run-time verification of temporal system properties in distributed and real-time systems. Based on a description of a property that includes events and(More)
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