Olivier Bachelier

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This paper considers robust stability analysis for a matrix affected by LFT-based complex uncertainty (LFT for linear fractional transformation). A method is proposed to compute a bound on the amount of uncertainty ensuring robust root-clustering in a combination (intersection and/or union) of several possibly nonsymmetric half planes, discs, and exteriors(More)
This note comes back to the hard problem of pole placement by static output feedback: let a triplet of matrices ; ; be given with state variables, inputs and ouputs, find a matrix such that the spectrum of + equals a specified set. When + , a simple noniterative technique based upon the notion of eigenstructure that, in most cases, assigns + roots is(More)
Repetitive processes are a distinct class of 2D systems of both theoretical and practical interest. The stability theory for these processes currently consists of two distinct concepts termed asymptotic stability and stability along the pass respectively where the former is a necessary condition for the latter. Recently applications have arisen where(More)
This paper deals with the problems of robust admissibility and state feedback admissibilization of uncertain discrete descriptor systems. We propose a new sufficient condition, which is necessary in terms of a strict linear matrix inequality (LMI) for a nominal discrete descriptor system to be admissible (stable, regular and impulse free). Based on this,(More)