Olivier A. Coubard

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The present study examined horizontal saccades in healthy subjects: 9 adults (20-32 years) and 10 aged subjects (63-83 years), under gap (fixation target extinguishes prior to target onset) and overlap (fixation stays on after target onset). The gap paradigm is known to promote fast initiation of saccades while the overlap paradigm promotes voluntary(More)
When the eyes verge symmetrically along the median plane from far to near (convergence) or near to far (divergence), small saccades often occur. The current study aimed to: (i) characterize saccades during symmetrical vergence, (ii) describe the chronometry of saccade relative to that of vergence, and (iii) determine whether saccades mediate prefrontal(More)
Since the seminal report by Shapiro that bilateral stimulation induces cognitive and emotional changes, 26 years of basic and clinical research have examined the effects of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in anxiety disorders, particularly in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The present article aims at better understanding EMDR(More)
INTRODUCTION Following unilateral damage of the primary visual cortex one of the most common visual field defects observed is Homonymous Hemianopia (HH), a loss of vision of the contralesional hemifield in each eye. The ipsilesional ("intact") part of the central visual field is often used to compensate for difficulties encountered in the peripheral(More)
As society ages and frequency of dementia increases exponentially, counteracting cognitive aging decline is a challenging issue for countries of the developed world. Previous studies have suggested that physical fitness based on cardiovascular and strength training helps to improve attentional control in normal aging. However, how motor activity based on(More)
Understanding the human aging of postural control and how physical or motor activity improves balance and gait is challenging for both clinicians and researchers. Previous studies have evidenced that physical and sporting activity focusing on cardiovascular and strength conditioning help older adults develop their balance and gait and/or decrease their(More)
To explore the 3D visual environment most frequently we make combined saccade-vergence eye movements. We studied the effect of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) of the right posterior parietal cortex (rPPC) on such combined eye movements versus isolated saccade and vergence. In the main experiment, TMS was applied on the rPPC 80, 90 or 100 ms after(More)
OBJECTIVE Attentional control, the ability to maintain goal-directedness in the face of distraction, has been shown to decline in normal aging (NA) and Alzheimer's disease (AD), yet the nature and extent of deficits is under debate. This study investigated attentional control in NA and AD compared to healthy young adults in several tasks such as setting,(More)
As society ages and the frequency of falls increases, counteracting gait and posture decline is a challenging issue for countries of the developed world. Previous studies have shown that exercise and hazard management help to improve balance and/or decrease the risks for falling in normal aging. Motor activity based on motor-skill learning, particularly(More)
The current study aims to investigate visual scene perception and its neuro-anatomical correlates for stimuli presented in the central visual field of patients with homonymous hemianopia, and thereby to assess the effect of a right or a left occipital lesion on brain reorganization. Fourteen healthy participants, three left brain damaged (LBD) patients with(More)