Olivia Penna

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Given the progressive and constant increase of average life expectancy, an increasing number of elderly patients undergo surgery. After surgery, elderly patients often exhibit a transient reversible state of cerebral cognitive alterations. Among these cognitive dysfunctions, a state of delirium may develop. Delirium is an aetiologically non-specific(More)
BACKGROUND Sevoflurane or propofol-remifentanil-based anaesthetic regimens represent modern techniques for neurosurgical anaesthesia. Nevertheless, there are potential differences related to their activity on the cerebrovascular system. The magnitude of such difference is not completely known. METHODS In total 40 patients, treated for spinal or(More)
INTRODUCTION Transcranial Doppler (TCD) can detect the cerebral circulation arrest (CCA) in brain death. TCD is highly specific, but less sensitive because of false-negatives accounting for up to 10%. The aim of the study was to explore the diagnostic accuracy of TCD and to determine whether it can be augmented by strategies such as the insonation of the(More)
Hepatopulmonary syndrome (HPS) is recognized as one of the causes of hypoxemia in patients with chronic liver disease. This complication is responsible for increased mortality and increased perioperative risk in liver transplantation candidates. Recent data from the literature suggest extending the screening for HPS to all candidates for liver(More)
Every year, millions of people affected by disorders of the central nervous system (CNS) undergo various diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical procedures requiring administration of anesthetic agents. Anesthetics exert their anesthetic, amnesic and analgesic effects by acting on multiple neuronal membrane proteins in the CNS. While some of the causal(More)
INTRODUCTION While anesthetics are indispensable clinical tools and generally considered safe and effective, a growing concern over the potential neurotoxicity of anesthesia or specific anesthetic agents has called into question the safety of general anesthetics, especially when administered at extremes of age. Areas covered: This article reviews and(More)
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