Olivia M Rodriguez

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PURPOSE Free plasma RNA has been scarcely studied in patients with cancer. Here we examine the presence of RNA from epithelial tumors in plasma from a series of breast cancer patients and its correlation with tumor characteristics and circulating tumor cells. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN beta-actin mRNA was analyzed to check the viability of plasma RNA in samples(More)
OBJECTIVE Deep brain subthalamic stimulation provides symptomatic relief to patients with Parkinson's disease. The present study analyzes the postoperative outcome of deep brain subthalamic stimulation in patients carrying the R1441G mutation in the leucine-rich repeat kinase-2 (LRRK2) (dardarin) gene. METHODS Five of the 48 patients treated in our unit(More)
Long-term impact of bilateral subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation (STN-DBS) on health-related quality of life (HRQOL) and associated factors in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) are not clear. In this prospective study, we included 69 PD patients (64 % men, mean age 61.3 ± 7.4 and disease duration 13.2 ± 5.7 years) undergoing STN-DBS. They were(More)
OBJECTIVES Our objective was to determine if the existence of dehiscence in the superior or posterior semicircular canal was associated with the thinning of the bone roof in the rest of the vertical canals (superior or posterior). METHODS The thickness of the superior and posterior semicircular canals contralateral to a dehiscence was studied using(More)
OBJECTIVE Determine if aging and menopause, known to be associated with bone resortion, also are associated with superior semicircular canal dehiscence. DESIGN Observational study. SETTING Study conducted in 3 tertiary Spanish hospitals. PATIENTS Nonselected consecutive patients of all ages. INTERVENTIONS Thin-section multi-detector row computed(More)
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