Olivia J M Martyniuk

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BACKGROUND Early childhood educators play an important role in influencing preschoolers' physical activity levels. The current study sought to explore Early Childhood Education (ECE) students' physical activity-related knowledge and educational experience during their formal training in Ontario. METHODS A total of 1,113 ECE students from 20 Ontario(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess and compare the nutrition environment and practices (as they relate to pre-schoolers) of centre- and home-based child-care facilities. DESIGN Using a cross-sectional study design, nineteen child-care facilities (ten centre-based, nine home-based) were assessed for one full day using the Environment and Policy Assessment and Observation(More)
BACKGROUND Although preschoolers' physical activity in center-based childcare has received considerable attention, less is known regarding this group's activity levels within home-based childcare. This review aimed to explore and synthesize the literature on preschoolers' physical and sedentary activity levels in home-based childcare. Outdoor playtime was(More)
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