Olivia Henderson

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The use of fluorescence as an analytical technique has been growing over the last 20 years. A major factor in inhibiting more rapid growth has been the inability to make comparable fluorescence intensity measurements across laboratories. NIST recognizes the need to develop and provide primary fluorescence intensity standard (FIS) reference materials to the(More)
Two international surveys for Lp(a) measurements were organized from 1989 to 1991. The results of the first survey led to the conclusion that the lack of a common primary standard was the main cause of the large inter-laboratory variation observed. No major effects of techniques or antisera were observed. The same findings were confirmed during the second(More)
The evaluation of stability with respect to particles in prefilled syringes is complicated by the presence of silicone oil. The mobility, colloidal characteristics, and kinetic instability of silicone oil in contact with a protein formulation may be influenced in unpredictable ways by pharmaceutical variables, storage, and handling conditions. To provide(More)
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