Olivia Droogan

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Chronic encephalitis has been recognized as a cause of epilepsy since the work of Rasmussen et al. in the late 1950s. Despite this, few immunohistochemical studies of the affected brain tissue have been attempted. We have studied specimens of brain tissue from seven patients with this condition who underwent therapeutic multilobar cortical resection or(More)
This is the first comparative study of DNA quantification of oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma by flow cytometry (FCM) and image cytometry (ICM) using formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue. The potential advantages of ICM include the identification of a reliable control cell population; avoidance of non-tumour stromal and inflammatory cell nuclei,(More)
The common 4977 base pair mitochondrial deletion has been identified in association with a number of distinct clinical phenotypes. These include the Kearns-Sayre syndrome, the Pearson marrow-pancreas syndrome, and chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia. We report the clinical and pathological findings in two siblings in whom the 4977 base pair(More)
The role of DNA ploidy in the management of oesophageal carcinoma is unclear. Most studies have employed flow cytometry (FC) for DNA analysis but some have used image analysis (IA) of tissue sections. In this study aneuploidy rates in stage IIa squamous tumours were determined by both FC and IA of cell suspensions and results were compared with outcome in(More)
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